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We are proud members of our 2 local Chamber's of Commerce, and we have been a member of the BBB since 1995!
Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce

Teeter Manual Table Models:

FitSpine LX9 | FT1 | EP-970 Ltd. | EP-550 | EP-550 Sport | EP-560 | EP-560 Sport | EP-860 | EP-950 | EP-960 | Contour L5 Ltd.  

Teeter Motorized Table Models:

The DFM | Power VI GL

Trust Teeter for a

Better Back, Better Body!

Teeter Decompression and Extension Units:


Teeter Portable Decompression Devices:

Ez-Up Inversion System | Ez-Up Rack | Ez-Up Gravity Boots | P3 Back Stretcher (Lynx)

Attention Shopper!

We are a Canadian company with 2 large retail stores located in Southern Ontario. We sell in Canadian dollars only. When you purchase from the U.S. there can be hidden charges that you are not aware of when you purchase. Service charges for handling, and for brokerage, and for duty can make the product much more expensive than purchasing it in Canada.  


We are an approved and authorized Teeter Hang Ups dealer. We are members of our local Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau.


There are sites that are not approved or authorized, and if you buy from one of those sites you are taking a high risk. We have had experience with sites selling used or counterfeit product, and also misrepresenting the product they are selling, and sometimes shipping no product at all.

We stand behind all the products we offer, and uphold the high dealer standards that are put in place by the various companies we work with. In our stores we display and demonstrate all of the products we sell. As a value-added retailer we have put thousands of dollars into our training, and have had over 20 years of experience working with thousands of clients. Our service goes beyond what you would receive from a retail store or a website.


People purchase products from us because they know that we value their health and their happiness. When our clients are happy and satisfied they want to refer their friends and loved ones to us, and this is how our business has been built. Read more about us...

To request a quote or to place an order you can contact us by phone or e-mail, or you can meet us personally in one of our stores. Please give us a call @ 1-800-695-7338. We value the opportunity to talk with you and make a personal connection. 

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