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12 Benefits of using an Oscillation (Inversion) Table

The following benefits relate to the 12 systems of the body!



1.    Circulatory: Re-circulates the blood to the upper body to be filtered and cleansed, and to pick up     nutrients from the digestive track and pick up oxygen from the lungs. 


2.     Digestive: Lifts internal glands and organs to the original position for proper functioning. This will improve the digestive system.  


3.     Endocrine (Glandular): Stimulates glandular activity by getting more oxygenated, nutrient-rich blood to the master glands in the brain; the pituitary, the pineal and the hypothalamus.  


4.     Hepatic (Liver/Gallbladder): Improves the liver and gallbladder function through decompression and re-alignment.  


5.     Immune: Boosts the immune function by re-circulating all of the bodily fluids; the blood, the lymph fluid, and the spinal fluid.  


6.     Lymphatic: Re-circulates the lymph fluid to the upper body through all of the lymph gland and nodes, so that the entire lymphatic system is cleansed.  


7.     Muscular: Stretches muscles, tendons and ligaments back to their original length. This increases flexibility and range of movement.  


8.     Nervous: Takes the pressure off of the nerves and nerve tissue through decompression. 


9.     Reproductive: Lifts all of the reproductive organs back to their youthful positioning for proper functioning.  


10.  Respiratory: Lifts the lungs and the heart back to a healthier position.  


11.  Skeletal: Brings all of the 206 joints in the body back to a healthier alignment, which allows the discs between the vertebrae and the cartilage in the joints to re-hydrate.


Regain optimal height and posture! If the body is relaxed you can gain 1 inch in height on the Oscillation / Inversion Table, because of the increased space between all of the joints in the body. This can result in significant reduction in muscle and joint pain in the neck, shoulders, back, hips, legs, knees, ankles and feet, caused by the downward pressure of gravity.    


12.  Urinary: By re-circulating blood to the upper body more effectively the kidneys can do a better job of filtering the blood.  


An Oscillation / Inversion Table offers great benefits on a long-term basis, with only a small investment. A $4,000 motorized Oscillation/Inversion Table over a 20 year period is less than 56 cents per day.


Additional Benefit Studies and Resources...

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