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FitSpine LX9 | FT1 | EP-970 Ltd. | EP-550 | EP-550 Sport | EP-560 | EP-560 Sport | EP-860 | EP-950 | EP-960 | Contour L5 Ltd.  

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The DFM | Power VI GL

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Ez-Up Inversion System | Ez-Up Rack | Ez-Up Gravity Boots | P3 Back Stretcher (Lynx)





June 15th 2013

Legge Fitness Stores celebrates the Grand Opening of their new 10,000 Sq. Ft. Superstore in Fergus Ontario...



Everyone's excited about Legge Fitness Stores new superstore location where they display one of the largest selections of health and fitness products in Southern Ontario. The new superstore is located at the west end of the Fergus Marketplace, where they have been doing business for 17 years. They encourage anyone serious about health and fitness to take a drive to their Fergus Superstore, because it is definitely worth it! "This is where we have the selection," says Philip Legge. This year also celebrates the 25th anniversary of their business, which makes the Grand Opening event even more memorable. If you are taking the drive to Fergus, be sure to note that their retail sales hours are Saturday and Sunday 10:00 - 5:00 only. Your health and fitness destination is waiting to be explored! Welcome...come on in!


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