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Quality You Can Count On


Roger Teeter reviews the results of our last round of quality
testing at Dynamark Engineering

There are currently no adequate government regulations to effectively oversee the structural integrity or reliable function of inversion tables. Therefore, the market for lower back pain treatment equipment is vulnerable to products that are manufactured with inferior quality standards. In recent years, this risk has been punctuated by several inversion table manufacturers recalling products due to consumer injuries. Consumers have the daunting task of sorting through options and selecting the best inversion table, a confusing process because many manufacturers use terms like "safe" and "heavy duty" without substantiation. Read further to learn how Teeter validates our quality claims and what you must consider before buying an inversion table:

Certification Marks

Underwriter's Laboratories, a renowned independent product safety certification organization, has recently introduced new safety testing and certification requirements specifically for inversion tables in UL 1647. Currently, Teeter offers the only inversion tables on the market to have passed these specifications, which test the unique function of the inversion table and simulate "real world" use. Learn more about UL 1647.

Top Ratings in Comparison Studies

In engineering reviews comparing competing brands of inversion tables that help in low back pain treatment, Teeter Hang Ups was rated Number 1 across all categories of evaluation, outperforming in static load and functional endurance trials, ease of assembly (with the average unassembled parts), and performance for ease of rotation and lockout in full inversion. In fact, in a test that simulated actual use, all four competing brands experienced catastrophic failure resulting from torn or broken metal within 2.4 years of use or less, far short of the UL 1647 standard of 30,000 cycles. Teeter reached 40,000 cycles when the test was stopped for time. Teeter reached 40,000 cycles when the test was stopped for time. Learn more about the inversion table comparison testing and how Teeter ranked.

Specialized & Patented Features

One inversion table may look the same as the next, but buyer beware--looks may be deceiving. What may not be immediately obvious are vital design features for user production and reliable function. Teeter inversion tables offer more specialized features than any other home-use model including auto-locking hinges to prevent accidental separation of the bed from the base during stretching or exercise, special squeak-free roller bearings and optional accessory upgrades. Teeter uses proper welding methods as opposed to cheaper spot welding commonly used by competing models. High stress points on the equipment are reinforced with heat-treated steel, resulting in better durability and security for the user.

No Skimping

Be wary of lighter weight inversion tables--less weight often equates to less steel. What may look fine may actually feature shortcuts that compromise quality and user security like thinner tubing, cheaper materials, and less of a support structure. Heavier tables can also be deceiving--features like padded bed frames weigh more, but that increase in bulk doesn't equate a stronger table. Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Tables stand apart from others in the marketplace because we understand the essential engineering needed to make a truly exceptional inversion table. We put extra steel in the key components where it matters!


Teeter inversion tables feature a base to height stability ratio 20% greater than other competing models, on average. The smaller the ratio, the greater the risk of product instability. Teeter's tapered A-frame design and corner feet not only look good, but provide a reassuring foundation whether you're doing sit ups, stretching or oscillation.

Manufacturing Experience

Since 1981, Teeter is the only company in the world to continuously produce inversion equipment. Unlike other sporting goods manufacturers that make hundreds of different products, Teeter has designed and manufactured inversion equipment exclusively, building a reputation for incomparable quality standards, testing and marketing efforts. With the passion that comes from his own recovery credited to inversion, Roger Teeter has built a company where excellent customer service and quality are paramount. You can put your trust in the experience behind Teeter Hang Ups, the most enduring brand of home-use inversion products on the market.

Built for the Benefits

Our engineers consult with doctors, chiropractors, athletes, independent engineers, and consumers to ensure that our inversion tables withstand the scrutiny of the most discriminating users. Over the years, Teeter Hang Ups tables have benefited from over 100 design evolutions to improve ease of use and achieve better results. The introduction of our patented Flex Technology design featured on the EP and Contour-Series is just one example - the flexible bed moves with you, accommodating stretching for greater range of motion to promote realignment and relax muscles. The smooth surface reduces friction for body slide to achieve the fullest decompression stretch. Precision balancing allows the table to rotate without over-acceleration and respond to simple arm movements for smooth oscillation, which encourages fluid exchange in the discs and joint soft tissue.

The Teeter Guarantee and Warranty

Out of all the inversion equipment manufacturers, Teeter offers one of the most extensive product warranties. Teeter's full manufacturer warranty covers every component for the length of your models warranty. Teeter also offers an industry-leading 5-year warranty on select models. Teeter's dedication to building superior quality products and parts, and our commitment to providing our customers with great customer service is one of the many reasons Teeter holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Customer Service

No other inversion equipment manufacturer offers Teeter's level of service and product support, including live customer service agents available Monday through Friday and a comprehensive website that includes everything from benefits information to warranty registration.

Support Material

Most products are accompanied by detailed assembly and user instructions, an attached laminated Owner's Manual, and an instructional DVD with bonus five 10-20 minute Healthy Back Stretching and Strengthening Routines.
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